Our Investigation

Our investigation is in many ways a poetically extreme version of ‘Myth Busters’. Through experiments we all lead, we’ll test urban myths that suggest live arts practice requires a metro environment in which to flourish. We’ll take live art out of its traditional urban comfort zone and away from its UK origins and place it in a breadth of regional Petri dishes, add explorations of civitas to the mix and breed unforgettable art works which we’ll be revealing publicly – and because we’re artists – poetically. Through our work together we’ll be affecting cross currents and patterns of live arts practice and construction that connect nationally with shifting concerns of place. And beyond poetics and practice, we’ll be testing just how high speed that NBN needs to be to accommodate the momentum created by The Coriolis Effect; a kind of salt lake version of a gear shift and change of acceleration.

If a physics and weather phenomena were a cultural phenomena, what would it look like? Why draw upon this as a metaphor for a regional arts investigation. The Coriolis Effect draws its name from a force which plays a strong role in weather patterns affecting prevailing winds, the rotation of storms, the direction of ocean currents and the shape of riverbanks. The affect of these patterns is preeminent in fragile, interstitial regional areas such as the Murray river mouth at Goolwa. The Coriolis Effect will celebrate how cross currents and patterns of live arts practice and construction connect with shifting concerns of place.

“Live Art is a term used to describe work in which artists explore the live experience of artistic processes, pushing conventions of theatre, performance art, audience relationship and site-specific work. It may also engage local communities and diverse audiences to develop, create and participate in the live event.”
Australia Council Hopscotch Touring Initiative

Artery article http://artery.australiacouncil.gov.au/2012/09/live-experimental-and-socially-engaged-arts-practices-in-australia/

Civic engagement or civic participation has been defined as "Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern". Wikipedia

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