A unique cultural leadership program for artists working in regional settings 

The Coriolis Effect Background

10 artists

4 regional gatherings  –Goolwa #1 ,  Castlemaine #2,  Goolwa #3,  Mt Gambier #4

7 new works

4 regional salons  – Salon #1 , Salon #2 , Salon #3 - conference session 1 -  35Mb .mp3 + conference sesion 2 -   32.5Mb mp3 , Salon #4

1 conversation cafe 

2 conference sessions  (Salon #3) conference sesion 1  -  35Mb .mp3] +  conference sesion 2 -   32.5Mb mp3]

12 Online meetings 

and 1 screening.



Beginning May 2010, Country Arts SA and Victorian based live arts company Punctum leaped into the current of The Coriolis Effect. Together we generated a long-term period of experimentation and growth in a regionally based exploration of civic engagement and live arts practice.


A collaboration with artists Jude Anderson, Franca Barraclough, Jess Foster, Ben Fox, Paul Gazzola, Krista Horbatiuk, Katerina Kokkinos Kennedy, Tamara Marwood, Steve Mayhew and Susie Skinner, whose work is located in regional settings, the program placed the live artist’s role at the centre of regionally based civic engagement and action, and explored the opportunities that technologies offer in connecting these artists across the country.


The development of The Coriolis Effect referenced the role played by cross currents of arts led dialogue and enquiry, and patterns of regionally based contemporary arts practice, in the shifting concerns of place.


Through investigations that lead to the creation of new work, The Coriolis Effect sought to develop an innovative model of practice that invited civic engagement through regionally based live arts collaborations.  Whilst testing art form conventions it also invested in models of sustainable cultural activity.


The Coriolis Effect was presented as a body of work at the Regional Arts Australia Conference in Goolwa, October 2012.